Startup Spardha | 2021

An ideathon competition for students to spotlight the next wave of startups from the P.I.E.T Campus.


Runner Ups

Founders Validity of
the problem
Team Commitment
and background
Scrap व्यापार Rajat Punia, Nikhil, Badal 6 6 6 7 6 31
MechCart Lavishka Arora, Isha Gupta, Nidhi Sharma, Akansh Goel, Mohit Garg, Harshit Bhatia 7 5 6 6 5 29
Chutki Manmeet Singh Chawla, Paramjot Singh Kalra 6 5 5 6 6 28
Automatic plant wattering system Raghavdeep, Nitish kundal, vikas 6 5 5 6 6 28
Chai App Pratham Jagga, Kajal Narang, Aman Kumar, Aman Sharma, Divya Batra 5 4 5 6 6 26
Fastricity Ruchi Gahlawat, Lucky Khanna, Jitender Tyagi, Lakshay Dureja 5 4 4 6 6 25
Online tailoring Nishtha Mittal, Nikita sharma, Riya sachdeva 5 4 6 5 4 24
Cut It Manmeet Singh Chawla, Paramjot Singh Kalra 8 4 5 4 3 24

Startup Spardha Kickoff Events

1. Product in Startup Journey

In Campus workshops for students of engineering, computer applications, B.B.A were held at PIET Auditorium on 8th of December, 2021. The workshop covered startup journey from the basics and some live use cases of successful Indian startups and PIET startups. The workshop was taken by Mr. Deepak Sharma, Co-founder, India Accelerator and IA Labs, and Mr. Deepak Nagpal, Managing Partner, India Accelerator. The curiosity displayed by students of PIET regarding A to Z of startups marked a great start to the first edition of PIET Startup Spardha.


On 8th of December, India Accelerator opened the portal for application for PIET Ideathon challenge 2021. United Nations Academic Impact, MHRD's Innovation Cell and Institution's Innovation Cell were the event partners Theme of the Ideathon competition was to help India's journey towards AtmaNirbhar Bharat & a $5 tn economy. We successfully concluded registrations with 60+ startup ideas from students across B.Tech, BCA, BBA, Pharmacy, etc.


India Accelerator Conducted 3 mentorship sessions for all the registered students of PIET to help them curate their pitch, work on their MVP, do market research, lean startup. Mentorships Details: Startup Pitching: 10th Jan by Neeti Malhotra Lean Startup: 11th Jan by Deepak Sharma Startup Lifecycle: 12th Jan by Deepak Nagpal Post the mentor sessions, the registered startups were allowed to refine their pitch based on the learnings acquired.


Out in the world of venture capital, a successful elevator pitch is crucial to pique an investor's curiosity and sets the stage for possible investment. To help PIET students master the art of elevator pitches, the pre-screening round was conducted on 18th and 19th of January, 2022. Teams were given 1.5 minutes each for their pitches and they were judged on the basis of the following criteria:

● Idea: Is it unique? Is it feasible? Is there a need for something like this?

● Business Model & Impactfulness (Indian SDGs and AtmaNirbhar Bharat)

● How well the team communicated the idea to the jury in the given time?

● The research done by the team.

This round was judged by Dr. Vijay Athavale, Dean of Engineering, PIET and a team of Entrepreneurs in Residence from India Accelerator. Out of 50 ideas presented, top 21 were selected for a final screening round. The teams were given one on one mentorship regarding their business models, idea, pitch, etc. before the final round.


The Startup Spardha Finale was held in PIET campus on 11th of March, 2022. The event consisted of elevator pitches from the top 1teams from the pre-screening round. PIET graciously hosted Mr. Pannkaj Chopraa, Founder at Finvantra and Ms. Dimpy Dewan, Founder at Hanchens to Judge the Finale and addresthe audience's questions on entrepreneurship and building and scaling a startup. The startups were judged on the basis of validity of the problem they were addressing, thopportunity that the market held, the strength of the solution proposed and pitch delivery.

The elevator pitches were followed by a fruitful panel discussion between Mr. Lucky Saini,Mr. Shailendra Jha, Mr. Ankur Jain, MrAmrendra Shukla, Mr. Pannkaj Chopraa, Ms. Dimpy Dewan, Mr Deepak Nagpal and Mr. Deepak Sharma regarding the challenges faced by founders in building and scaling their ear-stage startups. The topics touched upon were MVP building, how to experiment in early stages of a startup, importance of pivoting and so on.

The following event was a fireside chat with two of India Accelerator's portfolio startup founders, Mr. Pannkaj Chopraa, Ms. DimpDewan. They effectively addressed the questions from the PIET student body regarding entrepreneurship failures, risks of leaving a corporate job and building a venturechoosing between family run business and startups, etc. Teams Fix Assist, Big Bucket and Veera secured the top 3 positions among the 10 teams and were bestowed with cash prizeand technology credits to help in their startup journeys!