Household Service 11th of January 2022


  Manmeet Singh Chawla, Paramjot Singh Kalra (Founder & CEO)

  Household Service

  11th of January 2022


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Concept & Objective

Project Title: Chutki

Tagline: #HarKaamChutkiMien

Overview: Chutki is an application (interface) between the domestic workers and people. It is an application which is used to hire domestic workers. The application works according to the locality of the city. At first the user will sign up and enter their location manually or using the gps. After that the list of workers will appear according to their requirement. After that they can contact the worker by calling them on the details provided by us on the application.

Justification: In 21st century finding a domestic worker is a major problem faced by the households and finding a home to earn living is a major problem faced by the domestic workers. And if we are able to find a worker than also we face some serious problems like reliability of the worker, trust, chances of fraud, etc. Main problem is faced by students studying away from their homes, working couples, old age people, and people working in other cities. So we came up with the idea of creating an interface which will provide domestic workers to the households and employment to the domestic workers.


1. Providing an interface between the workers and households.

2. Giving employment to a large no. of people.

3. Providing fraud proof service.

4. Providing reliable workers.

5. Providing service at every pin code.

6. Reducing the hustle and workload of the households.

Team Information

Manmeet Singh Chawla


Paramjot Singh Kalra