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Information Technology 3rd of June 2021


  Vaibhav Goyal (Founder & CEO)

  Information Technology

  3rd of June 2021


  Pro Hack Academy

  Cyber Security

  CTF Competitions

  Penetration Testing

  Web Application Testing



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Concept & Objective

Fix-Assist Tech solution is a Cyber Security Firm. We are an Ed-Tech platform and provides Pen testing and Web Application Testing Services to businesses. Our Pro Hack Academy provides cyber security training to individuals and institutes. We have created a platform for practicing hacking and cyber security which will increase practical knowledge of the latest cyber security concepts among our users. We are working to make it a job ready platform. The one technique which we are using to teach is Gamification. Our first game is CTF which stands for Capture The Flag in this user has for find flag (which is in a particular code format) given some hints to reach to that point, it includes use multiple hacking tools and techniques. More than 90% of cyber-attacks rely on social engineering ( it is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information). Our main motive is to reduce these kinds of attacks by training people with the techniques used by hackers. Our potential customers are college students who are interested in cyber security and hacking (which about 20% of any engineering/technical institution) and IT professional who use computer/networking device in any form. We can organize CTFs and training for corporates and business to train their employees to prevent the latest cybercrimes. We have done the prototype testing of our product. Our company’s moto is to create a safe cyber space.

Team Information

Vaibhav Goyal

Founder & CEO



Gourav Nagpal

Training Partner